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CFB-16HB Genome Editor Plus
CFB-16HB Genome Editor Plus
Product introduction

The function to output AC voltage is added to Genome Editor, which enhanced zygote genome editing researches.

Two mode: AC + DC pulses for oocyte activation and tetraploid formation; and DC pulses for zygote genome editing.

Easy-to-use operation to program the parameter by touch panel

All the data of executed pulse output parameters can be exported through USB memory.

All the electrodes for CUY electroporator series and LF electrofusion series are connectable.


Product parameters

High throughput and effcient CRISPR/Cas9-based mouse genome editing by RNA electroporation to zygote


Fgf10 homozygous mutant embryo have an easily detectable limbless phonotype. Electroporation of Cas9 mRNA (Cas9 Protein) and gRNA enables genome edit of Fgf10.


Electrode for zygote electroporation

LF501PT1-10 is applied for zygote genome editing, newly developed for zygoe electroporation.





Comparison between electroporation and microinjection





Not necessary

Preparation of injection and hold pippettes, etc.

Required time
for 100 zygotes

~5 minutes

> 2 hours

Viability (after E15)




Same as microinjection

Depends on the sequence

Cost for devices

About $12,000

> $50,000

Required skills

Not necessary

Maniipularion of single zygotes

Required amount of Cas9 mRNA

500 - 2,000 ng

50 - 500 ng


More zygotes can be treated at one time by electroporation than microinjection.


Viability of treated zygotes are much higher in electroporation than in microinjection.


No special skills are required for electroporation compared to microinjection, which requires injection technique that is time-consuming to acquire.


Electroporation is , therefore, the ideal method for high throughput mouse zygote genome editing by CRISPR/Cas9 system.